Let’s Get Started: Back to School

LG and our Experience Happiness partners have already helped over 2 million teens across the country learn the skills that can set them on the path to Sustainable Happiness.


This Back to School season, we didn’t stop there!

To help you get started, LG teamed up with Soulpancake to highlight the science backed Sustainable Happiness Skills so you could set a goal for an amazing #Day1.

For every goal and post shared across social media with #Day1 and #LGoals, we promised to donate an extra $1 to Experience Happiness partners.

Thanks to your shares, we donated an extra $20,000 to Inner Explorer and Project Happiness, two Experience Happiness partners, to bring the teachings of Sustainable Happiness to youth across the country.

Learn about the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills and how they can help you beat #Day1 back to school anxiety and stress.


Which skill will you get started with?


Help us reach beyond our #LGoal of teaching 5.5 million kids and join us on the journey to sustainable happiness.

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How to Ease First Day Jitters

Say goodbye to anxiousness and hello to happiness.

What Are the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills?

LG Experience Happiness teamed up with U.C. Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center to identify skills that can be taught, learned, and practiced to help people down their own path to sustainable happiness.

Get Ready for #Day1: Back to School Toolkit

Get ready for the best #Day1!

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