Getting Started on International Happiness Day

LG celebrated the one-year anniversary of its launch of the Life’s Good: Experience Happiness initiative on the International Happiness Day. We launched Experience Happiness to ensure young adults, the most stressed out Americans today, are equipped with the tools to maintain their emotional wellbeing and achieve their desired level of sustainable happiness.



With our partners, Daybreaker, we held a four hour long experience that included yoga and a full dance party, at the top of One World Observatory, 103 floors up in the air. Tickets sold out in minutes and the dedicated attendees made the morning a once in a lifetime experience.


To commemorate the accomplishments of the past year and the International Day of Happiness, we curated activations that featured the program’s Six Sustainable Happiness Skills—Mindfulness, Generosity, Gratitude, Purpose, Positive Outlook, and Human connection. Our aim was to amplify the voice of the Experience Happiness initiative beyond the classroom to reach a broader audience of all ages.


Following yoga and meditation, attendees danced away the morning to music from international DJs and surprise performances by Instagram star Donte Colley and Glee’s Matthew Morrison.
Our favorite part of the morning was the “happy dance” performed by ten students from the Greenburgh North-Castle school district, the most recent students in the Experience Happiness program.


Their superintendent chose them for their incredible resilience overcoming severely challenging backgrounds and their perseverance in cultivating joy in the face of challenges. We surprised these students a week before the event, along with Daybreaker and Matthew Morrison, who arranged for celebrity choreographer Luam Ky to teach these students the happy dance for this specific event.


Before everyone parted ways, our senior Vice President of Marketing, Dave VanderWaal, the Superintendent at Greenburgh North-Castle School District, Carolyn McGuffog, and Project Happiness Ambassador, Noelle Contey, each shared some words about the urgency of tackling the issue of mental health among teenagers and the impact of the Experience Happiness initiative over the past year.


Together with leading education institutions such as CASEL, Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley, Discovery Education, and nonprofit partners Inner Explorer and Project Happiness, through Experience Happiness, we have reached 1.8 million high school students and are on our way of reaching our target goal of 5.5 million teenagers over the next 4 years.


Embracing Change Through A Positive Outlook

Once you have embraced change, you are able to perceive it as a new adventure and a ride in a park that you will enjoy even when you are not able to predict the ups and downs of every turn. 

The Impact of Human Connection

Forming human connections is a critical component to maintain emotional and physical health.

The Secret to Happiness: Gratitude

Gratitude is a neutralizer of emotions that shifts our thinking and creates a more positive experience of the world for us. 

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