Let’s Get Started: #LGoal Crushing Motivation

Artificial intelligence is not as mysterious and serious as it often is made out to be. Our partnership with Amper Music and Australian pop-star, Betty Who, showed us that the outcome of artificial intelligence can be fun and lively. Participants at the 2019 Color Run Los Angeles were energized after hearing Betty perform her song, “Voices.” The song’s purpose was much more than to motivate the runners to reach the finish-line of the run, but rather to motivate them to go after their goals.



As the base of our “Get Started Platform” aims to empower people to start working towards their personal goals, the song was the perfect collaboration to showcase our mission. With the assistance of Amper Music’s artificial intelligence, their technology was able to analyze hundreds of motivational songs to reveal what components of the songs, such as tempo and melody, resonates with people.


Once we uncovered this data, we created the “Most Motivational Song Ever”. We all know how much music has an impact on people’s lives, and we put this belief to the test. In addition to the song having all the right components of a motivational song, it also encompassed lyrics that tapped into the raw feelings of the audience.


As an official sponsor of the 2019 Color Run Los Angeles, we aimed to create a colorful and happy space to motivate others to live their best life. This collaboration with Betty and Amber Music has helped us support our mission to inspire, motivate, and fill the lives of all the youth-runners that attended the event with colors and joy. In addition to Betty’s live performance, the 5K event was filled with demonstrations, LG product giveaways, and of course, extraordinary food cooked with LG home appliances.


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