International Happiness Day of Learning with Discovery Education

On March 20th, here at LG, we celebrated the International Day of Happiness by announcing our milestone of 1.8 million adolescents across the United States through the Experience Happiness initiative. With the goal of reaching a total of 5.5 million over the next 4 years, LG partnered with Discovery Education, and launched the Day of Learning.


Discovery Education designed the Day of Learning as a day-long event that aimed to spur a conversation across the nation on the importance of cultivating emotional wellbeing by equipping teachers, students, and families with the resources and skills to sustainably build and experience happiness.


Throughout the Day of Learning, we taught the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills, which include Mindfulness, Positive Outlook, Purpose, Gratitude, Generosity, and Human Connection. Our audience had the chance to learn the scientific evidence behind these six pillars as well as connect and engage with our researcher friends at the Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley, happiness experts from Project Happiness, and Inner Explorer and education experts from CASEL and Discovery Education.


Day of Learning was orchestrated through a series of live sessions that each lasted about 30 minutes. Launching the day at 9:00 am EST with a “Get Ready to Learn” kickoff exercise, we closed at 5:00 pm EST, having acquired new ideas and skills on cultivating inner lasting joy.