Five Tips For Successful Study Session

LG is determined to get you started on the right foot with your back to school journey. Getting back to the school rhythm after a long summer can be challenging especially with new teachers, students, and or a school. Our Get Started platform is here to serve you with the right tools and tips to get you back into that rhythm smoothly.


Bookmark these tips for a successful study session that would assist you in getting back in the flow with managing your school workload.


Set Goals


This is the first step in every successful mission. In order to set yourself for success, establish a roadmap that shows your starting point and your endpoint. Not only would this navigate you through the study session, but it would help you hold yourself accountable and on task. Some tips for setting goals is to first break down the tasks into short and long-term goals, and the second step is to then designate a deadline to every task in a timeline fashion. Once this is done, you are on the go with a visualization of you want to accomplish.


Study Buddy


It’s not easy to find a study buddy, but with some focus and determination, it is possible. The goal is to find a compatible study buddy whose strengths and weaknesses compliment yours.


Finding the right study buddy is like a partner in crime, who would keep you accountable. It will also minimize procrastination, as there is someone keeping you on your toes.


Study Out in the Nature


There is a new research on how studying outside in nature can increase your attentiveness and help your overall focus. Not only does nature help you focus, but it also relieves your stress level, and promotes self-discipline and creativity. With all of these added benefits, it might be worth your while for you and your study buddy to give nature a chance.


Media Distraction


Avoiding your distractions is a must in this checklist. The truth is that “… the mere presence of a cell phone, even when ignored, reduces people’s intellectual acuity, possibly because it takes a distracting level of mental effort to resist the pull of a nearby phone.


In order to have a productive study session with a focused mind, you have to separate from social media platforms, new TV shows and your favorite movies. Not only will this keep you focused, but stepping away from these distractions will also make your more efficient in finishing assignments, avoiding procrastination and improving your sleep.




Resting is how you fuel and refuel the engine. Despite the popular belief of working long hours, science disproves this belief as it can result in stress, burnout, and poor performance. sleep is the most important rest as our bodies shift into maintenance mode and allocating time to “storing energy, fixing or replacing damaged cells, and growing, while our brains clean out toxins”.


If this process is disturbed through lack of sufficient sleep, our productivity goes down the drain. So, for a successful study session, you have to rest to be more productive and creative.


To start fresh and avoid procrastination, apply these tips to have a productive study sessions that would set you for both academic and personal success. Implementing these tips would allow you to get ahead of the curve and establish a routine that works in your favor.