Getting Started with Your Fitness Journey: Q&A with Karamo from Queer Eye

When the Emmy nominated host and culture expert of Netflix’s three-time Emmy winning reboot of Queer Eye, isn’t recording his podcast, Karamo is committing to new goals and upping his fitness game. 

Karamo has always wanted to run a 5K, 10K or even a marathon, so he’s set his quarantine goal to join the LG Virtual 5K Challenge. 

We sat down with the author, podcast producer, LGBTQ advocate and all around life coach about his approach to his fitness routine. 


LG: Why are you excited to take part in this LG Get Started Virtual 5K?

Karamo: “I have always wanted to run a 5k and a 10k. This is my opportunity to train so that I can accomplish it. It’s one of my 2020 goals and I am doing it.”


LG: Tell us how you stay motivated? 

Karamo: “Once I’ve created a goal for myself, the process that I go through to achieve that goal is what keeps me motivated. Knowing once it’s achieved and everything I had to go through to get there that feeling is so rewarding.”


LG: How do you stay healthy when you’re filming on the road? What type of daily diet/exercise/ mental wellness? Does this change when you’re home? 

Karamo: ”Drink a lot of water and keep a regular sleep schedule, Keeping a routine is so important. It doesn’t change. The more constant I can keep my schedule/routine the more likely I am to maintain it long term.” 

LG: What self care advice do you have for people amidst quarantine to stay happy and healthy both mentally and physically? 

Karamo: “I would tell them to be patient with their emotional journey. Feel how you need to feel and know it’s okay if you need to cry today and smile tomorrow. Also, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Comparison is the thief of joy. If someone is working out 5x a week but you can only do 2x… know that those 2x are great.” 

LG: What first steps do you take towards accomplishing a new fitness goal? 

Karamo: “Safety is important so I make sure I do my due diligence to make sure I’m exercising properly or consult my trainer for proper safety advice. Also with running I make sure that I am not pushing myself past what my body can do. If I need to rest… I rest. And I make sure to stay hydrated and to eat healthy meals.”

LG: Are you a morning or an evening runner? 

Karamo: “I live in California so it can be quite hot and humid here. I prefer evening runs due to less humidity. Plus it gives me moments to reflect on my day.” 


LG: What is  your go to running outfit? 

Karamo: “A nice comfortable t-shirt or shirtless, black joggers and Adidas running shoes.”

LG: What are your top tips for staying safe and socially distant on your runs? 

Karamo: “Be aware of your surroundings, noticing others just in case you need to pivot your run to ensure you’re properly social distancing.” 


LG: Do you and the Queer Eye cast do work outs/wellness activities together on the road? Do you also spend time together when you’re home? 

Karamo: “We don’t but we always encourage each other to be our best selves and to take time for our fitness and health goals. When we are home we do see each other. Our friendship doesn’t stop when the camera stops.”

LG: What are your top 5 favorite songs on your running playlist?

Karamo: Beyoncé – Black Parade

JayZ & Beyoncé – Ape Shit

Drake – Nonstop

T-Pain – All We Do Is Win

Curtis Waters – Stunnin  


LG: What do you like to treat yourself with after a run? 

Karamo: “A nice shower to cool down and then I have a nice Turkey Sandwich. Plus I love sweets.”