Getting Started with Volunteering

People who give to others give healthier, happier lives to themselves.


Numerous studies show us that giving one’s money or time, volunteering in particular, has significant benefits for the giver. Whether you’re a lifelong volunteer or just looking to get started you’ll have the opportunity to engage in at least three of the Sustainable Happiness Skills at the same time providing a boost beyond practicing just one.


Stephen G. Post, co-author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People reinforces, “Contemporary neuroscience has confirmed the connection between the physiological and psychological. We know now that the stress response, hormones, and even the immune system are impacted by, and impact, the pathways in the brain. MRI studies of the participants’ brains revealed that making a donation activated the mesolimbic pathway—the brain’s reward center.”


Generosity, Purpose and Human Connection each have well documented benefits and volunteering allows us to bundle these three practices into a single activity. In fact, Human Connection through volunteering, can come in two forms. Depending on the activity, a volunteer has the ability to connect directly with those that the volunteer work is benefitting, but in many cases the more significant opportunity is the connection with the others who are volunteering.


Volunteering is not just helping others in need, but through a dose of Generosity, Purpose and Human Connection, you’re helping yourself more than you realize.

Find out how you can get started today.