How to Help Teens Find Purpose

The lucky ones amongst us have had some pretty awesome experiences that have transformed our entire outlook on life, in a matter of just a few days or even hours.


Those experiences allow us to find our purpose in mysterious ways. Patrick Cook-Deegan, having had one of those special life-altering experiences, discusses some of the most common experiences that transform people’s lives in this article of “How to Help Teens Find Purpose”.


This message is especially helpful parents who are searching for ways they can help their teens discover their purpose. There is research that explains that teens and young adults that seek purpose, report higher life satisfaction and levels of happiness.


Some of the common experiences that helped many people find their purpose are traveling abroad, establishing contemporary practice, and participating in service trips.


To read more about how parents can provide their kids with transformative experiences to help guide their purpose in life, read Greater Good Science Center’s article, “How to Help Teens Find Purpose”.