How to Help Your Kids Stay Organized

Getting your kids organized is difficult without putting the parent-child relationship in jeopardy. But knowing how important it is to get your kids organized, parents should find alternative solutions thats sustainable and doesn’t jeopardize their relationship with their kids. If you want your kids to stay organized, teach them organizational skills that would stay with them and be useful for home and school responsibilities. Here are a few tips on how you can teach and enforce practices which would teach your kids organizational skills.


Establishing routine for morning, night, and school work is essential because these take up most of the tasks that kids have to perform on a daily basis. The routines include checklist for the tasks that kids have to do on a daily basis. By having these routines in place, kids aren’t confused of what they should be doing. Additionally, it cuts down on the number of times you have to remind them of these tasks which saves you a headache as a parent.

Family Calendar

Having a calendar in the house with all the important dates is a good way to train your kids to keep track of deadlines. This would teach about the importance of remembering dates, deadlines, and noting important matters. Creating a family calendar also allows the whole family to be in sync because everyone is aware of travel dates, exam dates, and overall family activities. Getting the family organized would create an environment where organization is valued and encouraged.

Personal Planner

Invest in getting a personal planner for your kids because it is the ultimate tool for staying organized. This teaches them about the value of time, and helps them with time management, stress, and productivity. Additionally, getting personal planners for your kids would take some of the responsibility off your plate as a parent because kids would be accountable for finishing tasks on their calendar. It is a good tool for teaching kids to write down their tasks and meet the deadlines that they make for themselves.

Be the Example

Kids will not get it right the first time, so they need their parent’s support when they get it wrong. One way parents can support their child is to congratulate their kids on what they did right, and to gently tell them how they can fix their mistakes. Another important way to help kids to stay organized is to stay organized yourself. When your kids see you following the calender and staying on routine, it encourages them. So, set a good example and your kids would notice.

Kids can be all over the place, but to help them stay organized, you have to first focus on the family organization first. By creating family routines, calendars, and commitments , kids don’t feel isolated or punished to complete tasks. Fostering an environment that encourages organization would translate into kids learning how to stay organized.


Learn more about how positive encouragement and patience can help kids learn organizational skills without nagging from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.