How to Maximize Productivity for the School Year

Productivity is all about finding the right balance that would produce the optimal output with the least amount of effort and energy used. It all about working smarter. Maximizing your productivity yields happier and more meaningful life. Living a happier and meaningful life is something that we instill in both our Get Started platform and Experience Happiness initiative. Power up your productivity with these helpful tips.




If you want to be productive, you have to allow your brain and body to rest. There are different forms of resting that you can practice to increase both your productivity and creativity. However, the nonnegotiable form of rest is your night sleep. Lack of sleep and working 24/7 is detrimental to creativity and having a productive day. Recharging your brain will help you concentrate and perform effectively for the rest of the day.


Mindful Meditation


Mindful meditation is practiced in many organizations because research shows that it forsters employee productivity. These meditations would help you get a hold of your insecurities, anxieties, and be more present on the task at hand. Research shows that “some types of meditation can promote creativity, as well as better memory, more concentration, and less unproductive multitasking.” The chief mindfulness officer at Aetna states that in order to be more effective and productive, mindfulness is the way to ago as it “ is about paying attention to the present moment with an attitude of openness and curiosity”.




The first step to being productive is to prioritize your tasks before you execute. Attempting to multitask is the biggest mistake you can make if you are trying to be productive. According to Andy Lee, multitasking can hurt your performance “[killing your creativity and [leading] you to make more mistakes.” Additionally, start with the most difficult task and work your way down to the least difficult task.


Minimize Distraction

Whether it is turning off your notifications or avoiding your friends, you have to sacrifice certain distractions in order to maximize your productivity. Technology is the biggest distraction nowadays, and your relationship with technology plays a huge part of your productivity. After some in- depth research, it is suggested that “stepping away from our devices can improve our focus, helping us collaborate, learn, and socialize more effectively”. Be aware of your technology usage, and don’t let it break your concretion on tasks.


Maximizing your productivity doesn’t mean trying harder, it just means thinking and planning slightly different. It is about managing your time better, and leveraging your skills and ability to best fit. The ultimate prize of productivity is the feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and mindfulness.