How to Practice Random Acts of Kindness Through Generosity

Generosity is the ultimate accelerating path to living a happier and more meaningful life. On behalf of the giver, the act of generosity is extremely rewarding as its benefits include happiness, delayed mortality, and overall better physiological health and well-being. There are multiple ways that someone can demonstrate generosity and one of them is through a “random act of kindness” to strangers or loved ones. 


A random act of kindness is a true generosity of giving without any expectations or particular reason. Performing a random act of kindness is subtle ways to brighten someone’s day while getting a daily boost of happiness. The health benefits of generosity is undeniable, so here are some examples of how you can practice a random act of kindness through generosity.


Being Generous with your compliments is an easy way of practicing random acts of kindness. It instantly brightens someone’s day, and whether complimented on their looks, talents or strengths, that small compliment might have a riddle effect on that person’s day. At the same time, you get satisfaction in knowing you helped uplift that person and their day. It is a win-win situation, and it doesn’t take a huge unbearable effort whatsoever. 


Spending on Others is also a great way of practicing random acts of kindness. A research done on “Science of Generosity” has shown how people are happier when spending money on others rather than on themselves. Apparently, money does buy happiness. Whether it is paying for a random person’s meal or buying food for a homeless person you saw on the street, helping others will give you a positive regard and uplift your day’s mood.


Being generous with your gratitude daily has also been proven to be a subtle way of practicing random acts of kindness. For example, a simple thank you to people who are constantly serving you can have a tremendous effect on those people’s day as it makes them feel noticed and appreciated. Some more random acts of kindness that you can practice to be generous with your gratitude are also sending thank you postcards or gift cards, leaving a tips, and giving more hugs and big smiles. 


Offering help to those in need lacks in today’s culture and a small effort on your end can impact the world and that person.Offering to help where it is needed is remarkably rewarding as it makes a huge difference for the receiver. Examples of such needs include helping a handicap person get on the train, feeding a homeless person, or translating for someone who doesn’t speak the common language. The help that you offer here is extremely needed, so next time you come across someone in need, don’t hesitate to offer it. 


As LG, we are a huge fan of encouraging generosity among teens in order to foster sustainable happiness. The science shows indisputable health benefits to practicing generosity, so implement these practices to retrieve these benefits and change lives for the better along the way.