How to Stay Organized? Tips and Tricks Explained.

An organized lifestyle allows for an organized thought processes, which in turn results in a more productive schedule. Keeping your thoughts organized can be achieved by keeping an organized schedule and lifestyle. The following tips and tricks can make that easier to accomplish.


Investing in a personal planner where you could keep important dates and your todo tasks is a great way of staying on track of your school-work. Having this planner would help you with your  time management, stress, and productivity. Additionally, having a planner puts you in control of your life as it shows you both your daily progress and the road ahead of you. 

When writing on your planner, keep in mind that you only add tasks that you absolutely want to accomplish and not just write down and never do because they aren’t a priority. It is important to remain realistic and schedule tasks that are doable and give each the time it truly requires, not the time you hope it requires. If you aren’t sure how much time one task might take and need to add it within your schedule, try to schedule that during a time frame when you have enough flexibility to spend an extra half an hour to an hour in order to finish. 

Adopt a Routine 

Routines help us stay on track, and turn tasks into a habit. Establishing routines is a major key for staying organized. The goal is to find a routine that works for you. Some routines that would help you stay organized are adaptation of eating, exercising, and working routines that best fit your daily schedule. Implementing those daily routines would make you more efficient and take away all the time spent on planning each day. 

Not only does it keep us organized, but it also improves your overall productivity and health. It allows to reduce procrastination by building momentum and reduce stress as it aids relaxation. 


Create an Organized Space

In order to be organized and feel productive, you must keep an organized working space and keep it as clean and maintained as possible. You may put motivational quotes, photos of loved ones or images of your vision for the future. Having a constant reminder of why you work as hard as you do will help you push you through the toughest moments and keep you on track, even when all you want to do is procrastinate and watch Netflix. 

However, keeping an organized space does not stop at the working desk, but includes your overall living space. Creating a habit out of making your bed every morning, keeping a laundry schedule, and scheduling time for cleaning, dishwashing, and other chores can help you stay on track and keep you organized.

During busy time periods when more on your to-do appears to need your attention than you can provide, you can clear up time from your schedule and give even yourself opportunity for rest and fun by following the mentioned tips and tricks to stay organized. For more information on how to stay organized and the benefits of staying organized, you can refer to the Greater Good Science Center at