LG Partners with SoulPancake

As the 2019-2020 academic year begins, LG Electronics USA is continuing to bring its “Life’s Good: Experience Happiness” program to more schools. Now with the help of the program’s new partner that will further expand this initiative’s reach to a broader audience and spread the scientific principles towards sustainable happiness to more students.  


Having reached more than a million students already, LG’s award-winning Experience Happiness initiative is targeting more school districts this upcoming year with the goal of reaching more than 1 million adolescents as part of the 5 year greater goal to reach 5.5 million teens. 


This initiative aims to mitigate stress among students, especially high school students. According to the American Psychological Association, kids are the most stressed Americans during the school year. A study reported that “83% of teens said that school was ‘somewhat or significant source of stress’” (Shapiro). Teenagers experience this stress most severely and most significantly during the beginning of the academic year, when anticipation and anxiety are intermingled regarding new possibilities. 


LG’s Life’s Good: Experience Happiness program has collaborated with leading nonprofits, researchers, teachers, and media partners to transfer the knowledge and skills on cultivating sustainable happiness to teens in American schools. This effort has been renewed this academic year, as LG increased the number of school districts to be impacted by the initiative’s non-profit partners: Project Happiness and Inner Explorer. Furthermore, LG has targeted more teenagers and their parents through social and digital tools and channels. 


This fall, LG’s partnership with award-winning media and entertainment company SoulPancake will allow LG’s Life’s Good initiative to reach half a million more people this fall, spreading the science behind achieving mental wellbeing and happiness outside of the classroom. 


According to SoulPancake Co-founder and General Manager Shabnam Moghrabi, “When [developing] ‘The Science of Happiness[j1] ’ video series, [SoulPancake] wanted to explore the psychology behind what makes us happy, while also showing how simple choices can manifest more positivity in your life and the lives of those around you.” Shabnam added that “partnering with LG brings new life to this classic SoulPancake series and helps spread a message of happiness that has the power to make a difference for teens and families across the country.”


Through the application of LG’s program in local school districts and by increasing the program’s reach beyond classrooms, parents can now participate, as Dave VanderWaal, senior vice president of marketing at LG USA shared. LG is calling for both parents and their students to share their back-to-school experiences and stories and to set their goals and commitments for the year. 


Using a special back to school campaign called #Day1, LG is helping bring awareness to both the anxiety and anticipation of the fun of going back to school. “With our partners, we’re pointing teens and parents towards resources to help them better manage and cope with that stress so everyone can enjoy Day One,” explains VanderWaal.


In order to maximize the positive impact of this initiative, parents and teenagers are encouraged to help spread the learnings on happiness skills by participating in LG’s #Day1 campaign. In order to do this, they simply need to post their experience of the first day of school on social media outlets and tag the hashtags #Day1 and #LGoals. LG promised donating an extra $1 for every post to its nonprofit partners in order to help them bring forward the lessons of happiness. LG is encouraging families to share their stories of the first day of school and all feelings about it either from the past or the present. 


Research has proved that the two most prominent and effective aspects of cultivating lasting and sustainable happiness are cultivating a positive perspective and expressing gratitude for what is and isn’t. During back to school period, adolescents and their parents are encouraged to express both gratitude and positivity throughout their #Day1 stories. “Take a picture as you (or your kids) are heading off and tell us what your goals are, what you’re looking forward to this year, what you’re grateful for as you’re getting started,” said VanderWaal.  


VanderWaal explains that by focusing on gratitude and positive outlook throughout the back to school period across the country, LG will be able to reach families in a variety of ways. “With our new partner, SoulPancake, we’ll be exposing more people to the science around expressing gratitude as a way to be happier,” he added. 


In addition to a very amplified online presence with the goal of reaching a wider audience, LG is also organizing and hosting back-to-school block parties all over the nation, encouraging families to adopt a positive outlook by setting and planning for goals for this academic year. Starting off at Kenwood Middle School, in Clarksville, Tenn., where LG just launched its million-square-foot washing machine factory that employs more than 700 American workers, many of whom have families and kids attending the Clarksville-Montgomery County school district. 


The party was carried out for teens and their parents and teachers, who all participated in fun, interactive games at six stations, each highlighting one of the six Sustainable Happiness Skills: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity and gratitude. More than forty of the schools in the district, as well as more around the United States, will be supported by #Day1 initiative and the Experience Happiness program. 


Contrary to popular belief, happiness is a dynamic skill that can be taught, learned, and practiced in the face of increasing stress and difficult times. Through the #Day1 campaign, LG is further growing the in-school programs with Inner Explorer in Clarksville as well as beyond. In collaboration with partners such as Inner Explorer, Project Happiness, CASEL, and UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Life’s Good: Experience Happiness is empowering youth with the learning of the six Sustainable Happiness Skills. To learn more about Life’s Good: Experience Happiness, visit www.LGExperienceHappiness.com