New Year’s Resolutions For a Happier Family by Eff Ulloa

The new year is here and with it the fun of challenging yourself to a New Year’s resolution. While I never join the fun of setting New Year’s resolutions, as a family, we decided to take on the challenge of creating a New Year’s resolution that works for all of us in this new decade. And so with the help of LG, I’m here to help you get started on your family’s New Year’s resolutions by sharing how we are getting started on our family’s 5 New Year’s resolutions. 

Put Down the Devices

Spending so much time behind a screen can truly impact our relationships with our loved ones. Putting down the devices can benefit everyone in my family and in yours. We love our tablets and phones, but there are times when they need to be put away and not utilized. 

When we’re at the dining room table, we will have a no devices policy. Whether we are starting our day at the table having breakfast or ending the day with a family meal at home, it is essential that we put away our devices and give our family the attention they all deserve. For this resolution, we are utilizing a catchall and placing our devices there until we are done eating. 


Schedule Adventure Time

With the rush of it all, sometimes we forget that we have children whose brains are eager to soak up information and explore their surroundings. Staying at home all day might not be as beneficial  to their brain, so we’re choosing adventure instead. 


For this New Year’s resolution, we find that putting down a date and time to visit a new place is the perfect way to commit to ourselves and keep each other accountable for making time to explore new places. We will use a calendar and select places that we have yet to explore from a simple visit to a new community park to a museum we have never visited before. Having a calendar out where everyone can see will serve almost like a countdown to ADVENTURE TIME!


Neverending Fun

For this New Year’s resolution, the goal is to have more times together as a family where we get to have some fun. We look forward to simply using ourselves without the help of toys, board games, amongst other things to have fun. To goal is to enjoy each other’s company whenever and with whomever. This resolution is especially important when one of the family members is not having a great day. It will be our job to try and brighten up their day. 


Being and Staying Healthy

To continue to enjoy our life, we must make a conscious effort in making the right decision for our health. From being more active to eating healthier, for this New Year’s resolution we will make small lifestyle changes that can truly impact our quality of life. One change we have made already is the reduction of dairy in our diet. 

We noticed that we consumed too much of it and we all know the key to a better diet is a well-balanced meal. We will continue throughout the new year selecting better food choices while we are at a restaurant and also parking our car further away from the door when we visit a store. Walking a bit more does not hurt and helps us get additional steps in. Walking our dog and/or simply going for a family walk would definitely keep us on track for this resolution.


Making Our House a Home

As humans, we are, by nature, very creative beings. We show our creativity through many avenues. This year we decided to make changes to our house as a way to explore our creativeness through the process. We want to make decisions as a family from the color of the walls to new DYI projects. This New Year’s resolution can truly bring everyone together and have things around our home that remind us of fun memories together. To keep us accountable, we will make a To-Do List as a family and jot down all of our ideas and projects that we wish to take on to make our house a home.