Perfect Your Chocolate Chip Cookies By Lisa Allen

There’s no better cure for the winter blues than the warmth of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. They’re delicious, great for sharing, and magically make any kitchen feel like home. Whether this is your oven’s maiden voyage or you’re a cookie-baking veteran, here are some helpful tips for perfecting your next batch of chocolate chip cookies.

The first way to step up your triple-C game is to make sure you’re using the proper tools for the job. Baking sheets range in color and material, but if your chasing perfection, a lightly colored, thicker sheet will prevent over-browning on the cookie bottoms. Parchment paper is also a life-saver; the dough goes on easy, cookies come off clean, and there are fewer dishes to wash in the end. Perfect!

Your Perfect Batch

Close your eyes. Picture the taste and texture of the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. Is it extra chewy? Light and soft? Dense and intense? Here are a few tips to make them perfect- just how you like ‘em.

• For slightly denser cookies, use only the yoke of the egg in your dough. Don’t be afraid to add an extra one for good measure.

• Go with brown sugar instead of white sugar (or a mix of both) for extra chewiness. If you’re really chasing that ‘molasses’ vibe, brown butter is a game-changer. Simply melt your butter on a stovetop until the milk particles begin to darken in color. Then, remove the butter from the heat and allow to cool in the fridge before forming your dough.

• For a more cakelike consistency, add more liquid from water, eggs or milk.

• For crispy cookies, bake them longer at a lower temperature.

• Sweet and salty can’t be beat. Incorporate a few pinches of kosher salt into your dough, or add some flakes of sea salt over the tops for a finishing touch.

• For cookies that hold their shape and won’t flatten in the oven, let your prepared dough chill out in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and up to 2 days before baking. The more time the dough spends in your refrigerator, the more the flour will hydrate, resulting in a less-caky, richer texture.

• Choose the right chocolate. Cocoa concentration, quality, and shape of the morsels will all play a role in the formation of your perfect cookie. For a twist on the traditional chip, roughly chop your preferred chocolate bar with a chef’s knife.

Let’s be honest, we’re all chasing perfection when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. There are hundreds of recipes out there to taste-test, but its up to you to make them your own. With the tips above and a hot oven, you’ll be well on your way to chocolate chip cookie perfection.