Get Ready for #Day1: Back to School Toolkit

LG’s goal is to get you started for your back to school journey. We understand all the emotions at play on the first day of school, whether it’s excitement, anxiety, or frustration. Because of the commitment, effort and the bravery it takes to get back into the school routine and face the first day of school, we are here to help you as you embark on your first day to best prepare you.


Everything is fresh on the first day of school, but eventually things get more hectic and chaotic as homework, afternoon activities, and outside school commitments pile up. Before entropy takes control, consider a few tools to keep yourself organized.


Planner! Planner! This shouldn’t come as a shock, but a planner is the ultimate tool for organizing your days, weeks and months. Consider this item your go-to backpack necessity — it is an investment that will help shape your experiences for the rest of the year. Having a planner will help support your time management, stress, and productivity.


First Impression
Now that you are organized for the first day of school, it is time to face the actual day. Whether you are going to a new school or returning to your old school, setting a good first impression on the first day of school is essential.


Research shows that you can detect if someone is trustworthy, compassionate and kind within the first 20 seconds of meeting them. Setting a good first impression is much more than getting a nice haircut and wearing your best outfit — it’s more about how you carry yourself and interact with others.


For this reason, treat your classmates and other peers as you want to be treated. Treating people with kindness and compassion will further your relationships with others by socializing and making new meaningful connections.


Another easy way to set a first good impression, believe it or not, is showing up on time. This signals to teachers and your peers that you’re always prepared. Not having a pencil or a notebook definitely doesn’t send a good first impression. Avoid running late and know where your classrooms are. If it helps, have a school map with you at all times.


Last but not least, bring your personality, big smile, and a positive outlook to your first day of school. There is research that shows desirable personality is a factor when judging someone’ attractiveness.


Get excited to make new friends and meet new people. People are drawn to those who have a positive attitude, so bring your utmost positive energy to first day of school. That being said, don’t be scared to strike up a conversation with a stranger on your first day! They might just be your future best friend. Not only would this help you on your first day, but it will establish social connections and set the tone for the rest of the school year.


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