How to Reduce Homework Stress

Homework is stressful, but thankfully with a bit of planning and structure, you can befriend it. Homework stress can begin to get worse when assignments pile up, so get ahead of the curve and learning some techniques to reduce stress. 

Most homework stress comes from two sources —  procrastination and difficulty. Tackle both these issues.


Procrastination is the number one cause of homework stress. Students often procrastinate to the point where they have a pile of homework and not enough time to get it done. Once they get there, they can get caught in a negative spiral and start to criticize themselves. Here are a few techniques you can use to prevent procrastination 

  • Having a daily planner is a great way to write down concrete steps to get your daily tasks down on paper. This would allow you to have a roadmap of what you need to do, which would cope with the procrastination of getting started. Many procrastinators struggle with getting started because “Many times, people who procrastinate don’t think to use a strategy for getting started. Having a daily is that strategy as it would help combat procrastination and improve your productivity as well as lighten your chest.  
  • A study buddy who would hold you accountable is a great way to keep yourself on task and minimize procrastination. It is often easy to procrastinate when deadlines are made by you for you, but making plans with a friend would allow meet deadlines and hold yourself accountable. 
  • Lastly, research in Self and Identity shows that people who have low-self compassion are often susceptible to procrastination. Going hand in hand with this study, there’s now a new approach to dealing with stress brought on by procrastination by using self-compassion. If you want to reduce your homework stress, practice self-compassion. Self-compassion helps you  “[interrupt] the loop between negative self-talk and procrastination” and thus, can save you from a negative spiral.


Homework Difficulty 

There are a few things you can make part of your daily routine to avoid the difficulty of homework.

  • Time management is key to preventing homework stress. Planning your time beforehand and allocating more time to difficult areas will help ease homework stress drastically. Leaving a certain time for homework everyday will help you organize yourself better and have full control over the situation. By adapting to a regular homework time everyday, homework will start to become part of your daily routine. 
  • Taking good notes and asking questions in class is a great way to understand the material before completing homework after school. Making sure you understand the material and the task assigned will ease any worries, since you’ll be starting your homework session with a clear understanding.
  • Another trick to help avoid homework stress is to have a study buddy who you can lean on for questions, advice and clarifications. The goal isn’t to find someone who can do the homework for you, but rather, someone who you can work with you to find solutions. 


School is just about to start and implementing these tips will help ease your school workload. Prevent unnecessary stress and get a handle on your homework before the assignments pile up. Trust us, getting started earlier will help you in the long run.