Secret to a Successful Workout: Rest and Recovery by Tiffany Smith

It may sound counter intuitive, but trust me, you can make way bigger strides towards your fitness goals when you schedule rest and recovery into your fitness routine. 

It’s so easy to overlook, but I’ve found rest and recovery is a key part of my fitness journey. 
Like most of us, my fitness journey has changed A LOT the last few months. To get my butt back in gear and step up my running game during these times, I am so excited to join LG’s Get Started Virtual 5K! Running is already my thing, but like you, I am always looking to up my workout and give myself new goals to strive for.   

So, to help you get started with your fitness journey, I thought I’d put together some stuff I’ve learned about how much rest and recovery helps. I hope it all comes in handy for you and you can incorporate some of these into your Virtual 5K journey too!

Setting Goals 

Setting goal posts helps keep me on track and stay motivated, whether I’m training for a race on a specific day, working out towards a milestone, or a work event. 
Having solid goals set up motivates me through my rest and recovery too. I am a morning runner and the energy that running brings me gets me out of bed in the morning. I like to start my day with some fresh air, and usually there are a lot less people out in the morning. 
Is there anything better than running in your hood, having it all to yourself and being able to take in and appreciate all the scenery? 
My days tend to get busier and busier as it gets later, and that usually opens a window for me to make excuses to skip my workout for the day. I consciously want to do everything I can to avoid that so, I just stick with my goal and morning routine plan the best I can.


Water is life. Drinking fluids is so super critical to maintain your health, workouts and keep your whole body running smoothly; including your muscles, brain and heart. 
Staying hydrated is key before, during and after my workouts.  I tend to get migraines if I get dehydrated, so I do everything I can to avoid that at all costs.  Keeping my body hydrated makes all the workouts so much easier, and means not forgetting to hydrate on those rest days too!


Along with my hydration routine, I always make sure I incorporate a little treat here and there. In the summer months, I like to have a fruit popsicle while I make a chocolate banana protein shake. No better pairing! 


Sticking to a Routine 

I can’t express the importance of rest and recovery enough. Especially if you want to stay consistent with your workouts, it’s so important to keep this part in your exercise routine, not an extra add on.  I find if I push myself too hard and never give myself a break, I eventually hit a plateau and tend to skip a bunch of days in a row. I end up feeling guilty about this and it’s always SO MUCH harder to get back into my routine. 

To avoid burning out, I stick with my routine of creating exercise windows. I lay out when my big runs and workouts will be, then I build in stretching or low impact yoga so I make sure I have a good balance. 

Hopefully, some of the things that help me can help you all out too!  So, let’s get this started and get out there and run together!  And don’t forget to be safe out there; wear your masks and practice social distancing.  

Good luck on your fitness journey. See you on Strava! 

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