The Rules of Goal Setting

Life can be messy sometimes and there is no way of knowing all the unexpected punches that life can throw at you. But setting some goals is a way of taking control. Whether the goals are short or long term ones, people who “set goals for personal growth actually [show] increases in psychological well-being”. Here are few rules to guide to set your goals the right way in order to help you achieve them.


Choose a goal that matters

The first and one of the most important rules of setting a goal is choosing one that is important to you. This determines your motivation, grit, and as well as your commitment to achieve your goal and stay on course. Being honest with yourself and knowing what you want at the beginning will determine how rough or smooth the path to achieving your goal will be.


Ask yourself how committed you are to change, and only set the goal if the answer to that question is yes. The truth is, we just don’t put as much effort into things that we don’t value as important, so choose wisely.


Achievability test rule

The main purpose for setting goals is to achieve them. Having a realistic, measureable, and attainable goal should be a high priority once you set it.. If the goal doesn’t pass this test, you’re setting yourself up for a bit of disappointment. Set a goal in which you know that you have the time, resources, and the right motivation for.


Write it out

Once you have picked an achievable goal that you are fully committed, write it down. This act is your final commitment test. Once you write it down, it feels more real and there is no excuse for forgetting about it.


Goal visualisation

People often get hooked on the final outcome of the goal, but forget to plan the process to get there. You need an action plan. Writing down specific action steps is extremely important because it will allow you to track your progress as you cross things off. It will also serve as a motivational boost.


Organize all the little things that will help you get to that final step. Without an action plan, you risk having a chaotic and disorganized process that will yield very little progress.


Stay with your goal

Sticking with your goal and staying focused can be a problem for many of us. A lot of people often don’t follow through with their New Year resolutions for this reason. A way to avoid distractions and stay focused is through working your unconscious mind as it would help you fight the external influences that could drive you off course. Your unconscious mind will help you think twice and be more mindful of your choices. For example, learning how to effectively “[implement] intentions” can help you “keep on track with their goals, even when facing interruptions or negative influence from others”.


A big part of achieving your goals is setting them the right way. At LG, we want you to achieve your goals whether they are long or short term. Get started on the right foot by implementing these guidelines before planning your next goal.