Three Types of Goals to Set

Goals keep us going, and they define the path to the version of yourself that we want to embody. It is important to set goals that will better your overall well-being and happiness. At LG, we want to get you started on your goals by helping you figure out which types of goals you can set.  



Whether it is improving your current grades or feeding your intellectual curiosity, setting education-based goals is a great way to feel accomplished and good about yourself. These goals often set you up for success in the long haul as you transition from one stage of your life to another. Educational goals help you to achieve academic greatness while gaining a sense of power and confidence. Read a book, watch a documentary, or research about a topic you are interested in. Each of these activities help seek educational development and continue to construct the person you want to become.



Having a healthy lifestyle should be one of the types of goals that you strive for. Whether it is exercising, eating healthy, or sleeping well, set goals to improve on all of these healthy practices in order to save yourself the pain, stress, and the anxiety that comes from not having a good health. Additionally, if you are someone who has unhealthy habits such as smoking, procrastinating, or stress-eating, try to set goals that would help you to potentially quit these unhealthy activities. 



Go after your dreams. Passion goals are long-term goals for your most desired dreams that you want to achieve in your lifetime. Everyone is on their own path, and these goals often express your own unique identity. The goals can be your career, relationships, or anything else where you are strongly passionate about. 


Setting these three types of goals that tab into all aspects of your life would help you have a meaningful, happy, and healthy life.