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We're launching a new series dedicated to helping you get started with a more sustainable lifestyle. Are you ready to take the next steps?

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Our Goal

Getting started is the first step, but can be the most challenging. We’re here to help. Let's set some #LGoals and get started.

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2019 the time is now

Let's Get Started

Getting Ready for a New Year

The change of the new year brings opportunities for reflection, inspiration and goal setting.

What's your goal for the New Year? Get started on something new. #LGoals

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LG Color Run

Motivation comes in many forms, music being a big one. Color Run participants were inspired to accomplish their #LGoal with inspiration from the most motivational song ever.

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#LGoals for International Day of Happiness

LG and Experience Happiness Partners started International Day of Happiness right by setting #LGoals for Sustainable Happiness 104 floors up in New York City’s World Trade Center.

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Life is Good



Not sure how to Get Started? Check out these resources to guide you.

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Say goodbye to anxiousness and hello to happiness.

Get Ready for #Day1: Back to School Toolkit

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